Batch Number: August 0817
Current Season: Summer Harvest: 5 weeks from well to jar.


$ 13.00

This exceptional line of vinegar will add zest to almost anything you cook. They are made in Virginia in the traditional wine-making manner from foraged fruits, vegetables, flowers, barks and syrups by Daniel Liberson of Lindera Farms. They are aged to allow the acids to soften, requiring very little oil to balance their flavor. They make a great gift and will become an instant pantry staple. There are seventeen varieties in 6 oz bottles: heirloom pepper, spice bush, wild ginger, wildflower, Virginia berry, magnolia, chamomile, paw-paw, persimmon, lemongrass, turmeric, hickory, butternut, Harvester, strawberry, blackberry and elderflower. Two varieties in 4 oz bottles: honey and hickory.

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