Batch Number: No harvesting until April
Current Season: Our solar evaporation process operates from April to November. We have plenty of salt in stock.

In a Jam! Flavored Jams and Jellys

$ 5.50

This delicious Heirloom Cherry Tomato Jam is a versatile pantry staple. Made by In a Jam! a local WV grower and preserver.  Serve it on cream cheese as an appetizer, spread it on a burger, or serve it with grilled salmon. There are only two ingredients: heirloom cherry tomatoes and JQ Dickinson salt.

Tis the season!  Try the Mission Fig Jam for a holiday taste that is sure to bring lots of cheer.  Served over warm brie with crackers or slathered over warm bread slices, this jam is sure to be a hit.

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